World Diplomacy

Develop a global mindset and build international awareness—important skills in today’s increasingly interconnected world. Students will discover cultural differences across countries, learn about world currencies, and study current events, diplomacy, and more.

SPARK Business Academy’s World Diplomacy course helps students gain an understanding of global affairs. Solidify geography skills, learn about international infrastructure, and discover famous landmarks around the globe in this online program. Students confront real-world issues and discuss means of resolving these challenges unique to our times. This opportunity also grants students the chance to learn greetings in various languages, cover world currencies, and see culture and tradition in action around the globe.

This program is great for any child or young adult looking to better their understanding of global affairs, landmarks, and ways of life.

Class length:
60 min
July 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Days and times:
Grades 5-8