Students learn the art of persuasion and help select debate topics they find interesting. Students work in rotating groups and practice their debating skills in a supportive environment, including developing arguments,  issuing rebuttals, providing examples, rebuilding their case and summarizing points of view. Young debaters learn to think on their feet and enhance their public-speaking skills, gaining self-confidence in the process.

This class is taught by Spark Business Academy, a provider of empowering programs focused on financial literacy and entrepreneurship for grades K-8. Spark’s unique enrichment classes and camps have been praised as pioneering by leading business publications, such as Business Week, Bloomberg TV, Georgetown Business and international newspapers. Their skills-based programs emphasize project-based learning where students “learn by doing” and work towards a deliverable in a fun environment. Spark courses help students gain soft skills like collaboration, public speaking and presentation skills. Parents value the important life skills students gain and kids enjoy the different themes related to business and money, as well as the fun atmosphere.

Parent Testimonials:

“Thanks so much for this program. My two boys really enjoyed it! The class kept them engaged and motivated — and talking about what they learned long after each class. The technology platform was simple to use and they received a good amount of attention. It’s amazing the depth of knowledge they were able to absorb about a sophisticated topic!” -Adam

“Thanks for starting this wonderful program. Lucas has loved it. How fortunate these kids are to be starting early!” –Meranee

“Thank you so much for leading this class. Will LOVES how interactive and engaging your program is… he is brimming with excitement and ideas, and is having a lot of fun in the breakout sessions. Thank you again!” –Quincy

“Thank you! This has been a great class and Jacqueline is enjoying it very much! The content is very good and the transition to delivering it on a digital/virtual platform has been great. We’re glad we signed up!” –Michael

Class length:
90 min
Sep. - Dec.
Days and times:
After School
Grades 3-9
Online or In-person
45000 YEN