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Thank you for considering SchoolTribe as a provider of extracurricular enrichment at your school. We’re on a mission to make after-school educational opportunities accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality.

SchoolTribe partners with international schools and other institutions to increase their offerings by developing and implementing extracurricular classes in accordance with the organization’s calendar. Our teachers are carefully vetted and bring impressive experience in developing fun and educational experiences in a classroom setting.

SchoolTribe’s classes offer convenient, extended school hours for busy and working parents. We bring the teachers and materials to your school and adapt each course to fit the calendar, timetable, and educational philosophy of each institution. SchoolTribe handles sign ups, enrollment, and all administration tasks associated with the class.

Creativity and problem solving are at the core of all our clubs, and our students love to come to class–either in person or online–and explore their individual interests through our various offerings. On campus enrichment clubs include classes focused on a wide variety of subjects.

Give your institution a competitive edge. Let SchoolTribe bring their proven methodology, experience, and passion for developing children’s classes to your school. Visit our homepage to learn about in-person and online classes currently offered.

Contact us today to learn how SchoolTribe classes can benefit your school. 

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Edu.Co SchoolTribe
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Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm