SchoolTribe Summer of fun!

School is out, and Fun is in!

With the school year almost done and many of our travel plans on hold due to the pandemic, many parents are thinking: “What can my child do to stay active and engaged this summer?”

The last thing you want is for your kids to be cooped up in their rooms, playing video games or endlessly scrolling through social media, while losing the progress they have made during the academic year.

One of the best ways to meet this challenge is by getting your children involved in classes that stimulate their minds, give them hands-on activities to do, and provide them with opportunities to interact with other kids who are taking part.

You might be able to find one class here or a workshop there, but if you’re looking for a single place that offers a wide range of classes and workshops for children in grades K to 9, see what SchoolTribe has to offer this summer. Whatever your child might be interested in, they’ll find a class or workshop they can enjoy.

Classes for Every Learner

If you’ve got a budding entrepreneur at home, or just want to instill your child with a sense of financial literacy, check out our offerings through SPARK Business Academy, which teaches classes for children in grades 4 to 9.

Is your child tech savvy? Nurture that talent and have them join our Coding Club. In this class, children can work with well-known learning products from Strawbees, including Quirkbot, the programmable robot that you can make from drinking straws!  

For a wide range of subjects all in one class, have your child join the STEAM Club, which offers a fun lineup of project-based activities in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Or, let them create unforgettable science experiments at home in our Science Club.

For the artistically inclined, Schooltribe also has two great options. Your child can explore a wide variety of art materials and techniques as they create their own masterpieces in our Art Club. Or they can try their hand at making comic books in our Comic Design Club, which is taught by a published comic book artist and writer.

And finally, if your child loves to help out in the kitchen, have them join our Cooking Club, where they can learn about the cultures of the world through cuisine, and create dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

Join the Tribe!

Our classes are offered online and in-person. Give your child the opportunity to interact and engage with their classmates in real time, under the supervision of a dedicated and experienced teacher. Course materials are included when you sign up, and you’ll receive weekly kits sent to your home with everything your child will needs to explore a world of new knowledge.

This summer, join the “tribe” and ensure that the coming months are filled with curiosity, learning, and engaging activities. But don’t wait too long: classes are filling up quickly! So, have a look at the course listings here to get more details. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at  

We’ll see you in class!